Musa winx

musa winx

Musa est un des personnages de la série télévisée d'animation Winx Club. Musa est une fée de la musique venant de la planète Melody. Ses parents étaient. Na, bist du dir sicher, wirklich alles über Musa zu wissen? Wirklich? Dann teste dich hier!. All of Musa's Winx Club Fairy Transformations from Charmix to the latest Tynix Transformation! Enjoy! Feel. Musa performing with Annabelle. Am Ende dieses Vorfalls stimmt ihr Vater der Musik zu. Pixie Tune , Pixie of Good Manners S2 to S4 Cherie , Pixie of Weather S6 onwards. The power of music! Du verlässt die Winxclub Website, einverstanden? Eventually, the girls are made to participate in a dangerous water ski race to Mako Island against a group of men known as "The Sharks" and, during the race, The Sharks attack the Winx and reveal themselves to be fearsome pirate ghouls. Ich spiele leider nur ein wenig Klavier. musa winx Contents [ show ]. In this season, Musa meets Jared , a specialist with a crush on her. Musa then takes a break from Riven in season four and shows some feelings for Jason Queen , a music producer, but then is asked to sing at his wedding and reconciles again with Riven. After the Gloomy Wood Trolls attacked Pixie Village , Musa helps to fight the trolls. She wears magenta hot pants with an azure blue belt over a pair of pale purple-blue capri pants with a transparent gossamer ruffled skirt tied behind her waist. After finally tracking Naoki to the Museum of Science Fiction , the Winx are, once again, pit against the Crocodile Man. Sie benutzen einen alten browser. Following the talent show, Bloom is fired by Ace for humiliating him on live TV and is replaced by Lorelei who quickly forces herself within the Winx's group in the beginning of " The Chef's Contest. The Winx later travel to Gardenia's Botanical Garden to scout out an arrogant talent and find themselves being assigned to the participants of the Cooking Challenge that is taking place. She also wears a pale pink skirt in pink and dark blue stripes with blue socks and purple colored shoes. Und echt tolle und viele Informationen über sie:

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Riven thinks Musa is kissing Nabu (Musa & Riven - Season 3)

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